Quick introduction

We have two horses, who occupy the area around the holiday home. Pretty Merlin is a Skewbald horse, shy and soft-hearted, but also a bit mischievous. San Ares is our Spaniard, who’s now called Arie ever since living in the Netherlands. He’s quite the hugger and can be nice and wild. All the horses love little bites, but aren’t allowed to be fed, because they would linger around the yard too much and get a bit pushy. Furthermore, Merlin has a sensitive digestion and we don’t want them to get sick.

On holiday with horse and wagon

You can take your own horse. We have three spacious boxes in a nicely ventilated stable and one outside Box in the paddock. If you are bringing just one horse, keep in mind that they will be on their own in the stable. Our horses are within whinnying-distance, but cannot see each other. Your horse can stay in a paddock during the day. The paddocks are surrounded with an electric wire fence and the yard boundary has a wooden fence. Curious? Take a peek at our photo gallery.

Our service

  • A clean box with flax straw at arrival.
  • Parking room for your trailer
  • Sufficient space and lockers in the stable for your items
  • Outside, you can rinse off your horse
  • If required, use of flax straw and small haybales (20 kg)
  • Paddock available

Stable rules

  • Smoking and open fire in and surrounding the stable is strictly prohibited
  • Guest horses are adequately de-wormed and vaccinated
  • Your horse is your responsibility and you will take care of your own horse
  • Please muck out and refill water daily
  • We provide stable floor covering and hay, you provide concentrates yourself
  • Hay on the stable floors, only in consultation in the paddock
  • In the stable you can feed your horse at your own discretion, in the paddock only when the other horses are being fed
  • Only use the paddock during the day when you are present
  • Your horse in the paddock when you are away is only possible in consultation with us
  • Droppings on the yard are to be cleaned up immediately.
  • After use of paddock immediately remove droppings
  • After use of items store them away in their usual place
  • At the end of your stay we shall charge you the costs of the flax straw and hay per bale

Going out and about

Starting form our place, you can ride for about ten minutes along a quiet road to enter the dunes. There you will find an extensive road network consisting of connected bridleways from Wijk Aan Zee to Petten.

There are various routes to be ridden. Depending on the weather and your horses stamina, you can choose for the forested area with fairly hard soil, open terrain with loose soil or the beach. You can reach multiple places on the beach when on horseback so you don’t have to return via the beach entrance you came from. The entrance at Heemskerk is the quietest and connects with the bridleway. You are free to enter the beach during the winter with the exception of sun- and holidays between 12 and 19. During the summer you can enter the beach before 10 and after 19 ‘o clock.

Our tip for the summer is an early beach ride after which you have breakfast in the dunes at Gasterij Kruisberg. There isn’t a better way to start the day. You can contact us for specific questions about your horse’s stay.

At Daan’s horses, not far from us, you can ride through the dunes or on the beach with a guide. There are a couple of options depending on your riding skills. In consultation with them you can decide to join their group with your own horse if you are scared of getting lost or if you have multiple people riding and not everyone has their own horse. You are to contact Daniëlle yourself.